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Are your investment decision-making days over?

Even as retirees here in Mexico, many of this paper’s readers are still interested in how to invest their money.

I’m not good at investing. I have no luck investing. At one point, I was in the investing business, where it became clear I needed serious career guidance.

Simply put, I would be the guy who invests somewhere in the Military-Industrial Sector just weeks before the Second Coming.

So I don’t trust my judgement or my luck when it comes to investing. As I recall, I actually lost money as a paperboy.

Anyway, I can tell you only that I don’t trust advisors, brokers, gurus. Mainly because today, investing is too complicated a business.

1. I don’t see the point of sitting for hours with an investment broker. They are no help anymore. Except to ask, are you risk-averse or superyacht-ambitious. For me, this depends on the mood I’m in. So the answer is, Who knows? And every broker has a favorite tract, “diversify.” This is code for “I have no idea where to put your money, so let’s just put some everywhere.”

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