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Voting: knock-out punches needed

Recently, surfacing around the globe there has been an existential battle between autocracy and democracy.

If one really thinks about it, it is a good versus evil struggle. There’s even a war going on over it. And I’m not talking about Ukraine.

I remember when there was a political left, center and right platform or party to vote for in the United States. Today, there’s a left, a center, a right and a fringe group so brainless it’s being called the Homo erectus wing.

Voting expanded to the disenfranchised over the decades and is now shrinking again to the privileged, people who spit out whatever comes to mind because it proves something does seem to rumble around in their mind.

Voting in a democratic system historically used to be over plans, policies and procedures. If you didn’t vote it was sorry but not catastrophic. But today, voting could be about democratic survival.

And a vote, every vote, becomes as vital and inspirational as Washington crossing the Delaware. Failing to step in could be catastrophic. Think Mussolini in a baseball cap.

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