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The Cartel Business Model

In those quiet moments when you find yourself wondering about stuff like a cartel’s business model, you can totally lose track of time and even forget where you are.

So let me offer this: drug cartels actually have a certain high-energy cosmic stasis not unlike a singularity. You got that? (What’s a singularity? I don’t know. But it sounds positive.) I have to be careful here.

Now, branding, patents, trademarks, marketing and reputational equity have no real value in the singularity of drug cartel business. Here are the keys to The Cartel Business Model:

1. We start with the amazing supply chain they’ve engineered over the last decade. Into and out of Mexico. Their reach for drugs-distribution is global—all the way to China. I’m guessing they even have their own trade agreement with China. Drugs in exchange for everything ever made of plastic.

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