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Motorcycle rallies: A gentlemanly pastime

A good friend and former neighbor, Mike Thomas, is a motorcycle aficionado, and has been motorcycling for most of his life. He always speaks about it in exhilarating terms.

One day, believing he was introducing me to a more invigorating lifestyle, he started encouraging me to buy a chopper and get on the road to see the fascinating sites in Mexico. He wasn’t talking about skittering around on a scooter—that’s for wimps and pizza delivery.

I wasn’t sure. He persisted, reaching deep down into his quiver of prompts and called me a “chicken.” I was so psychologically injured at the insult I agreed to meet with his friend Marco Almaraz, the President of Asphalt Rats Endurance Motorcycling Club, affiliated with the Iron Butt Association Mexico.

See, given these club monikers, one needs to rethink all this and reconsider pickleball, especially at my age. What my friend was talking about was an extreme sport—long distance motorcycling rallies.


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