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The 12 secrets of Coca Cola

When that Coca Cola truck rumbles by you, do you think, “Hey, I could use a Coke right now.” Or, are you just frightened the big red monster will plummet into a sink hole and bury you with it?

You may have noticed that Coca Cola doesn’t even advertise anymore. It’s consumption rivals that of water down here in Mexico.


Here are facts about Coca Cola not taught in schools:

1. The Coca Cola recipe is kept in a secure vault, as sacred and secret as the Ark of the Covenant housing the Ten Commandments. Coke’s ten key ingredients are known only to a handful of people sworn to secrecy and whose family can be tracked back to the old country, just in case.

2. A pharmacist invented Coke. John Stith Pemberton of Atlanta, Georgia created Coke in 1885. It was advertised as having medical properties, specifically “a cure for all nervous afflictions,” including hysteria. Before Coke’s appearance, Americans at that time with “nervous conditions” just went out west, got drunk and shot up saloons.

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