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Artificial Intelligence — more intrusive every day

With the holidays comes a ton of emails, not just from businesses, but from friends and former friends “in the spirit of reaching out” with Christmas cheer.

According to website builder QuickSprout, every time you stop to check your emails, you lose focus on what you are doing and it takes the average person 23 minutes and another Krispy Kreme to get back to tasks at hand.

Gmail knows this, eavesdropping and interloping with one-click verbal emoticons such as “Sounds good,”  “Liked your photo,” “Great idea,” “Happy Holidays,” “Congratulations,” “See you then,” “Good luck,” “Thanks for the update,” “Love it!”

This could become so effortless and automatic that you start to click without thinking. Like clicking a remote to get rid of a TV commercial.

So if you send an email, trying tell me you have a serious respiratory disorder, and I click a response “Congratulations,” it’s not me, it’s an accidental reflex response talking. It’s morning and I have 20 other emails to answer.

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