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Potential Lakeside transformations?

As a Magic Town, we must start thinking out of the box now, to reduce the current overload of people-discomfort, traffic-discomfort, and the growing developmental expansion oppressing Lakeside.

Okay, I’m now leaping out of the box—with an overhead flip. The following are “long-term” transformatory ideas. I’m not really a long-term transformatory ideas type. (I still like the watch-pocket in my jeans.) But somebody needs to try this.

The first and most fundamental issue to consider at today’s Lakeside is the traffic overload.

The latest solutions for traffic improvement from colleagues hoping to help are forcing drivers to obey the no-left-turn rules on the Carretera to avoid holding up traffic. Yes, obey the two no-left traffic signs and we’ll all be flying happily over the Carretera like a Mercedes commercial.

When Ajijic was a quaint fishing village, this would have been a brilliant idea to keep the donkey carts moving along smoothly. Each day these days, we are dealing with a D-Day Invasion of vehicular aggression.


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