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Will evolution ever get around to addressing homicide?

Is murder now a commonplace news item we don’t even pay much attention to or show much outrage over anymore?

There’s a succession of headlines in the Mexican news media about murders and assassinations. Apparently, each year keeps breaking records for such crimes in Mexico.  Mobsters believe assassinations are just politics as usual, and “democratic” in a neolithic sort of way.

North of the border, there’s been more massive gun violence.  It has become so absurdly common that they could start a news section like the weather: “And now, here’s Todd, to give us a round-up of today’s murders and shootings.”

For ages we’ve thought ourselves better than our fellow planetary species, because we put on pants, use air freshener, and (we alone) do colonoscopies.  This, we believe, entitles us to feel “evolved.”

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