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Why Mexico has a history of being happy

There are annual surveys measuring which nations are the happiest.  I don’t know for sure how these measures are made and ranked.

But the Atlas and Boots World Happiness Report, for example, admits it’s pretty much a phone call to residents of each nation asking, from 1 to 10 (10 being laugh out-loud giddy), which number represents how happy they are.

I don’t know who Atlas and Boots are. They sound like a Survivalist’s equipment outlet. And this rankings business sounds as scientific as asking somebody, “How ya doin?º”

Nonetheless, Mexico usually ranks in the top 20 among 149 nations, and a few years back ranked number two. As most outsiders living here have seen over the years, Mexicans by most criteria still seem demonstrably happy, despite the gringo invasion.

So why is that?


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