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I wish for world peace – including wars over corn

I just can’t spend any more nervous energy worrying over genetically modified corn (GM corn). There are days I don’t even want to get out of bed.

And now, there’s a battle raging over GM corn imported from the United States into Mexico.

Mexico wants to collaborate with the United States on further research on the health effects of GM corn. The United States does not.

Tensions have now fired up over an impending Mexican GM import ban on U.S. corn. This raises the question of whether genetic modification of anything we consume is healthy. Or tasty. To be fair, nothing being advertised today is promoted as GM. “Even Mikey loves his GM Coco Puffs!”

The United States’ position is that science says GM corn is A-okay. But better yet, Mexico has laughed and claimed, God says REAL corn is A-okay (although God hasn’t used the expression A-okay since the 1960s).


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