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Are we anything like our ancient ancestors?

I’m really tired of archaeological discoveries. Every week it seems there’s news of an unknown human-like species nobody knew existed before. They can tell this by looking at the skull of a single 8,000-year-old specimen. It tells archaeologists this species may be the hominins who invented cooking raw meat and serving it with two sides and a salad.

They know all that from a jaw bone with three teeth.

pg12To me, the skull always looks like every other skull they’ve ever found. And then they also discover that the area around the skull is an ancient city buried and abandoned, possibly because people got fed up building pyramids.

How did this 8,000-year-old specimen die? They found a shoulder bone to go with the skull. This tells them that this individual died slamming into a tree while chasing a woodchuck. Indicating that this specimen was a close relative to Homo sapiens.

There are a ton of these stories in current news that have no value to anybody. One can be forgiven for asking, “What happened to the proposition that we should leave the past behind, put it all in a museum, and focus on what we can do about the future?” We’ve never really learned anything from the Homo genus crowd or its history, except that saber-tooth tigers didn’t make good pets.

Here are a few more recent discoveries noted in the archaeological media that have come to light over the last veral months and remain puzzling.

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