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What’s God trying to tell us?

Whenever the Day of the Dead passes each year, I’m always left with the idea of how close we get here in Mexico to the world hereafter.

Let’s face it, the hereafter is here and there and all around us in one manner or another—especially that first aisle at Walmart.

I, for one, start wondering about my Catholic upbringing and downsliding, and if purgatory is more than listening to the wisdom of the Almighty, that is, all the things he’s trying to warn us about that got us into purgatory in the first place.

The problem is, He often speaks metaphorically and mysteriously, and we need to become more attentive and stop getting entangled in Tarot Card readings.

I have listed a number of observations that may represent His latest attempts at communicating on our general behavior, since He doesn’t do much writing anymore. (Although I have word from this newspaper that they would gladly publish anything he might wish to say, declare or command these days—set right next to our popular Sudoku puzzle.)

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