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Tiny home visitors on the rise at Lakeside

There’s something about an open door. It’s inviting.

Recently, I have heard of more people with stories of scary invasions committed by the feral creatures who reside around Lakeside.

The stories tell of the spooky world of nocturnal visitors—raccoons, possums (or opossums—of Irish descent), and possibly creatures of the night you heard about in fairy tales creeping into people’s cat doors (or dog doors) and scaring the bejesus out of them.

Cat doors or dog doors (or, if you are so inclined, chipmunks) are a convenience for pets and pet owners alike. One doesn’t need to worry about letting the furry house companions in or out at night, which gives you more time to clean up after them.

But the convenience is fraught with risk. One woman I spoke with said one night she heard a rumbling or stirring, or a sound that couldn’t have been the plumbing, coming from somewhere in the nether darkness. And she noticed that her cat may have been tussling about with a stranger or was having its own zumba escapade.

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