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Little-known fixes our Magic Town might look into

There’s no question that as a new year begins, infrastructure is still the most common mentionable here at Lakeside: unrepaired inner-village cobblestone streets, avenues and sidewalks, poor traffic signals, sewage drainage, traffic overload, development overload, parking availability and so on.

But there are some other “people problems” that seem overlooked by the valley’s Magic Town magic.


1.  No interesting hiking trails into our arresting mountain flank. One needs to do much inquiring to find a trail upwards that could become a memorable adventure, save the Stations of the Cross, which is reverential, but not particularly upbeat. I hiked in Mezcala, the little pristine village north of Chapala. It was a two-hour climb to a pre-Olmec site with 4,000-year-old hieroglyphs. Ajijic needs such entertainments, before our magnificent mountains become Levittown.

2.  I find that it may be time for some topes that have removed sections of my car floor to be replaced instead with warning signs that could say, “Mi Abuela Cruzando” or “Vigila a los niños. Un día construirán la calle.”

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