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Are you showing signs of Neanderthal genes?

Paleontologists are just now reporting on what we may have inherited from the Neanderthals.

And it appears my inner Neanderthal may have been popping out for years like warts.

It’s believed that Neanderthals 60,000 years ago, and thousands of physical mutations way behind the Ken doll, interbred with modern humans, mostly those who were really lonely and socially inept. There is definitive evidence of this. Many Neanderthals I know today are still hitting on modern humans, generally on adults-only, all-inclusive cruises.

I often identify with the social awkwardness of these rugged hominids, who lived and were quite inventive for thousands of years during the last ice age. In fact, they most assuredly invented hockey after intense work and technological advancements gave us the puck. Curling, it is believed, was so advanced for the time, that many paleontologists argue it must have been devised by aliens. All this may have made them hotties for Homo sapiens females.

Here are some proven traits based on current evidence to help you decide, like me, if your Neanderthal genes may be photobombing you.

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