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Misogyny: Virile insecurity?

Can there be anything as distorted as unfounded, aimless hatred for the opposite sex, whom we cherish and depend on so much?

With all that’s going on today in the realm of world conflicts, do we really need a gender war?

Usually, if some group is hated, we have an explanation, no matter how silly. A disliked group’s most beloved customs or differences are defiled. Their holy places are blown up.  So where do you take this if you have a dislike or contempt for women? You blow up a bubble bath company?

The word misogyny, while dating back to the 17th Century, began occurring in modern use only about 25 years ago. And maybe describing something that is a recent growing phenomenon. Maybe because women everywhere are racing their way to the top everywhere. “Ladies-in-waiting” aren’t waiting any longer. In fact, they’re pushing and shoving these days upward and outward.

Down through the ages, women have been goddesses. They have elicited adoration, protective chivalry,  irrevocable Victorian respect, etiquette on how to behave with women, and today’s army of female news anchors.

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