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A museum and a saga

The Jalisco town of El Limón lies in a verdant valley well off the beaten track, hidden among mountains, located 123 kilometers southwest of Guadalajara.

pg9bIn El Limón you might expect to find a tienda de abarrotes selling juicy limones and much more. But across the street from the grocery store you might not expect to discover – housed in a beautiful old hacienda – an excellent museum which receives visitors from all over the world, including experts in archaeology and paleontology.

It is not unusual to find collections of antiquities in rural Mexico, but in most cases you’ll see those ancient figurines and pots on a bookshelf in the collector’s living room, side by side with family photos and knickknacks made in China.

There may not be too many items in those personal collections because the very best daggers and statues plowed up in the local cornfields were sold by Pepe to Pancho, by Pancho to Pablo and by Pablo to Peter Potter who now proudly shows them off to his friends in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

This is what usually happens, but every once in a while an unusual person comes along who breaks the chain.

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