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Working from home: Five easy exercises to avoid laptop backache

Thanks to Covid-19, many people are now working from home on a laptop and may be setting themselves up for terrible back pain in the future.

pg9So, I would like to remind you of some very simple exercises I wrote about just a few years back. I learned them from Guadalajara yoga master Paul King, who told me these exercises are now more relevant than ever.

“People are now working at laptops for long hours,” King said, “even though this is not what laptops were designed for. The ergonomics of a laptop are quite different from those of a desktop. In the former, the keyboard and screen are very close together and not easily separable. This means, even if you work at a table or desk, you are looking downward, rather than forward. Typically, your lumbar is convex instead of its natural concavity, shoulders are rounded forward, your chest is collapsed, and the back of the neck is permanently extended. This posture spells potential long-term health problems for anyone who regularly works long hours on a laptop.”

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