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The Jabalí Wild Boar Park: Camping on the edge of town

One day Parque el Jabalí – Wild Boar Park – popped up on Facebook.

pg8aI had never heard of this park, located just 20 kilometers north of the Guadalajara Periférico, alongside Highway 54. I could have sworn it wasn’t there the last time I drove along that road, less than a year ago.

“Not so,” I was later told by Juan Barrera, the owner of the park. “This wonderful place has always been here, hidden by the jungle. For years I’ve been working on making it accessible to visitors and finally we opened our doors six months ago.”

An ad for El Jabalí asks: “When was the last time you saw a firefly?”

That question made me realize that I could practically count on my fingers the number of fireflies I’ve seen in the last few years and I easily found friends interested in visiting a place where we might see an abundance of luciérnagas, as they are called in Spanish.

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