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The curious Great Wall of Pipes

Many years ago, while hiking through the Primavera Forest, I stumbled upon a strange sight that I quickly found myself calling “The Great Wall.”

pg8aIt was a cliff face about 70 meters long and 25 meters high. Protruding from this wall I could see the tips of hundreds of cylinders of rock, piled one upon the other. Many of these cylinders were perfectly round and about half a meter in diameter but among them were others much fatter.

“What in the world is this?” I wondered.

The Great Wall was not easy to get to, and after a while it faded from my memory. But very recently I discovered a relatively easy way to reach it — and also something of an explanation of what it is and how it came into existence.

That gigantic stack of stone cylinders turns out to be located only a 300-meter walk from a little park and campground hidden away deep inside the forest, a park reachable via a better-than-average brecha (dirt road).

I couldn’t quite believe its name, but the place is called Parque Recreativo La Hiedra, which means Poison Ivy Recreational Park. I was told I’d know I was on the right road to reach it “if you pass a huge garbage dump along the way.”

Garbage and Poison Ivy? Those would be enough to keep people away from the Great Pyramid of Cheops, no matter where it happened to be located!

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