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Charros & mariachi: a pleasing September artistic combo

For the past three decades, at the end of each summer, Guadalajara has hosted its famous International Mariachi and Charreria Festival, featuring grand concerts, recitals, fiestas and “Mexican rodeos”—with many events now taking place all around the state and not just in the metropolitan area.

For the 30th anniversary festival, the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, which organizes the annual event, last week inaugurated “Entre Lazos y Cuerdas” (Among Lassos and Cords), an art exhibit featuring watercolors, all related, of course, to charreria and mariachi.

While everyone has surely heard of mariachi, the same cannot be said of charrería, a traditional pastime in which skilled equestrians showcase their horsemanship, roping techniques and ranching skills.

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