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Laguna Los Negritos: When you’re in the mood for a frolic

Anywhere else, Lake Los Negritos would have been turned into a recreation area and its curative mudpots into an expensive spa.

But in El Platanal, Michoacán the local people seem far more interested in showing off their natural wonders than turning them into money.

pg8bIf you live anywhere near Lake Chapala, Negritos is practically in your backyard. If you love nature, you’ll be fascinated by the strange shapes and noises of the boiling mudpots and if you suffer from arthritis, you may find an inexpensive—albeit dirty—solution to your problem.

We first heard about Los Negritos from Professor Jose Luis Zavala, a biologist studying the fish in the lake. He explained that this lagoon is truly unique because it contains all the aquatic creatures that used to be found in Lake Chapala.

“Laguna Los Negritos is hydraulically connected to Chapala,” says Zavala, “but it hasn’t been polluted. It’s a perfect laboratory for studying what Lake Chapala must have been like years ago.”

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