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Art sale to help Operation Feed

Have you wandered into Casa del Sol Inn in the last few weeks? If you haven’t had the chance, Friday, July 1, is the perfect opportunity.

pg3Contemporary artist James Andrew will be closing out his show and as I mentioned in a previous article, I am quite smitten with his work. His medium is pastels and they are “smushed” into reclaimed scrap metal that is chosen for its rough edges, natural rust and rugged surfaces. A few of his pieces can be classified as multi-media, as they are enhanced with pen, acrylics and graphic elements. I find his architectural landscapes and portraits to be a refreshing addition to the patchwork of Lakeside art.

Andrew has been a member of the Lakeside community on-and-off for 30 years and works as an architect. He resides happily in San Juan Cosala, where his second-floor casita has a lovely lake view and his friends can shout happy greetings as they pass by on the Carretera. As a result of his proximity to San Juan Cosala, Andrew has become friendly with Agustin Vazquez, the owner of restaurant Viva Mexico.

Vazquez has been a fixture in San Juan Cosala for 36 years. He has not only been providing a venue for celebrations, but he has taken on the responsibility of Operation Feed. If you have been living under a rock, you might not be familiar with Operation Feed. It is an organization that has embedded itself into the colorful fabric of charming San Juan Cosala.

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