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Laguna Chapalac - May 23, 2020

Open Circle

Open Circle has suspended its weekly program at the garden at Lake Chapala Society. Each week it highlights a different video of a past presentation. This week, Rich Clucas presents “Breaking Children Out of the Cycle of Poverty.” It will be available for view Sunday, May 24, 10:30 a.m. at opencircleajijic.org.

How do children break free from a life of poverty? A program at Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM) in Compton, Califonia, uses airplanes to help children avoid gangs and escape poverty. Children as young as seven are taken for a flight and given the controls of an airplane. The impact of having piloted an airplane – something far from their concept of what is possible – opens their minds to the understanding that they can be or do anything. TAM’s program continues guiding the participants, helping them excel in school and continue on to become doctors, gourmet chefs and airline pilots. Discover how we can use TAM’s concepts to help the children of Mexico.

 Clucas spent 40 years in marketing communications, advertising and public relations. He holds a master’s degree in Communications and a master’s and PhD in Education.”

Hostelry Institute

The Jaltepec Hotel and Hospitality School in Jocotepec has been working remotely with their students and families to continue the women’s education from their homes, with daily follow-up of their academic progress based on planned activities. Parents are involved in monitoring their daughters through weekly grades and are in contact with the school through workshops and videoconferences, during which they are given information about activities that can be done at home and motivational tools, and are invited to reflect on family values.

May 6, a round-table was held with parents, when they reflected on the positive side of the virus emergency and how the students have helped their families to rediscover the value of the family, their faith, appreciate what they have and be supportive.

For more information on Jaltepec, call Ana Lucia Mariscal at 387-763-1781.

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