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La Manzanilla Memo - March 09, 2019

The ambulance is here

Several years ago, two residents of La Manzanilla, Dan Crosby and Cruz Gomez, spearheaded a project to raise money to buy an ambulance for our town.  


There were many challenges and disappointments along the way, but the fund grew steadily through their determination and the generosity of the community.

Sadly, Dan passed away before he saw his dream come true.  His widow Jeanne, however, picked up the banner vowing that she would finish what he had begun.  Last Wednesday afternoon, the shiny new ambulance rolled into town and is now stationed at its home base inside the newly built fence at the Centro de Salud.

Jeanne stated that even though the ambulance has arrived there is still more work to do.  Plates, registration and insurance are still needed. A new storage room and palapa roof is slated to be built.  She will also be meeting with La Huerta officials to work out a maintenance contract, as well as with the entire Civil Protection team to discuss how the ambulance and crew can best serve the community.

Further donations will be needed and welcomed, but for right now congratulations go out to Crosby and Gomez for never giving up!

Spoken Word Invitational

On Monday, February 18, 65 attendees at the Spoken Word Invitational were treated to the works of seven of the Writers Group Members, which included Melody Sayer, Wendy Mason, Julie Catton, Anne Wheeler, Rod Stock, Jeff Westnedge and Kalo Larson.

In addition to this line-up were also three members of the Children’s Writers Group, Paulo, Angela, and Fatima, who bravely stood up and read their poems in Spanish.  These were translated into English by Donaldo Ponto, a volunteer with the group.  Donations were collected at the door and the event raised 18,000 pesos, to be donated to three of the ongoing projects in town.

This was the last event to be hosted by the Writers Group this season, but the regular Saturday meetings will continue for a few more weeks.

Art Show & Garden Party

The evening of Tuesday, February 26, the public was invited to attend the Student Art Show held out of doors on the grounds of La Catalina School.  While enjoying refreshments, guests browsed many of the art exhibits, which included not only watercolours, but also clay masks and sculptures, and some painted animals’ statues, hand-carved from an old surf board.  Students received 70 percent of the sales, with the remainder shared between the La Catalina Foundation and the Dave Sullens Memorial Art Fund.  These charities provide materials and translator fees not only for this exhibiting class, but also for the younger art students classes here in La Manzanilla, and, when possible, to a high school in Miguel Hidalgo.

March Art Crawl

pg31bOn Tuesday, March 5, eight venues opened their doors to host the last Art Crawl of the season. Visitors leisurely cruised through the displays at Magnolia’s, The Lab, Estudia Maymar, Figaros, The Art House, Galeria La Manzanilla, Figura and #10. Paintings, mosaics, jewellery and clothing were presented by local, regional and international artists.  It was a delightful evening for both buyers and browsers.

Last Mosaic Workshop

Mosaic artist Mazinka Rutherford will be holding her last workshop for the season on Monday, March 18 and Tuesday, March 19. Students will be making mosaic mirrors.   I have attended two workshops with her, and have enjoyed both the class and my projects.

Mazinka is an excellent instructor, with years of experience, natural talent and an incredible amount of patience.  She will go above and beyond to help her students achieve great results. For further information, email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Spay & neuter clinic

Now in its 15th year, Cisco’s Amigos will once again be able to provide a free spay and neuter clinic for both dogs and cats in La Manzanilla.

The clinic will be operating Monday to Wednesday, March 11-13 at the Eijido Auditorium on the main street in town.    Since 2004, Cisco’s has spayed or neutered over 5,000 dogs and cats in our area.

The proof is on the streets.  Twenty years ago the situation was horrible — starving and sick dogs on the streets, packs of wild dogs roamed the beach.  Puppies and dogs were disposable, mostly in the crocodile lagoon. The average life of a street dog was one or two years.

Today, most of the dogs are fed and cared for, have responsible owners and are loved.  According to the Humane Society in the United States, by spaying approximately 2,500 females, Cisco’s has prevented the birth of almost 12 million puppies.  Also today, many more male dogs are being brought in to the clinic to be neutered, something that was unheard of just a few years ago.

Dancing time left

Wednesdays at Palapa Joe’s – Scottie Turner‘s easy listening.

Wednesdays at Martin’s Restaurant – Funk, Jazz, Reggae.

Fridays at Palapa Joe’s – Rock out with Something New.

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