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North Banderas Beat - March 13, 2021


Typically, this is the time of year when folks get crazed about getting beach body fit. For me, it’s about checking in on how I’m feeling.

pg21aAm I the best that I can be, that I want to be? Getting and staying healthy is more important now than ever.

In Nayarit, natural remedies rule the roost. When the temperature turns cold, our boutique hotel staff point to my bare feet touching the cold floor and tell me, “ponte los calcetines” (put on your socks). They believe that the cold from the marble floor is drawn into the body creating sickness. If any of us or our guests do succumb to sickness, our staff brews up bougainvillea tea that amazingly has us feeling better within minutes.

Capomo is the latest “magic potion” I have discovered. It’s known as one of the richest plant sources of amino acids and has been shown to positively affect mood and contentment. It’s also high in protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, folate, iron, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C and E, while at the same time low in fat and calories.

“Healers” are a natural option. We’ve had shaman Yolomiki visit to “cleanse” after renovations, with the delightful outcome that the hotel is filled with magical energy. The ritual started in our garden with a few friends, all dressed in white, with food and gifts to the Gods. Yolomiki walked through every room with Chris and myself, blowing sage grass smoke throughout.

Yolomiki also joined us at a women’s retreat to cleanse our energy after a week of contemplation. And at Los Arroyos Verdes in Bucerias, she presides over temazcal sauna cleansing rituals.

Ramon from Acupunturalia Nayarit is a traditional Chinese medicine doctor who, after getting relief for his severe fibromyalgia, trained in China. His clinic specializes in acupuncture, massage therapy and naturism. His services include treatments for stationary diseases, chronic degenerative diseases, allergies, weight control, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, depression and insomnia, among others.

The therapeutic model is in accordance with the philosophy of Chinese medicine, particularly in the sense of balance – in order to heal an ill body, it is necessary to return it to a state of balance, either on a physical, chemical, energetic or emotional level. If the illness persists, acupuncture is the cure! Follow Acupunturalia Nayarit on Facebook, or text 322-155-2168.

If your goal is to get on track physically, consider a buddy to walk, talk and evaluate the best you, you can be. Gregorio Glick, a certified health coach and lifestyle medicine provider in La Cruz, offers a free walk and talk about your health. If you prefer a more active “hike and chat,” he’ll take you up Monkey Mountain – a moderately strenuous hike with the reward of a magnificent view. Facebook: La Cruz fun, health and fitness.


Greg’s best friend, his wife, also assists with well-being. Jenny Glick guides women to creating more vitality and aliveness in their marriages. Her goal is to help women embody the skills that they need to create the kind of relationships that they want. See www.JennyGlick.com.

When I asked friends to recommend the best “healthy” eating options in the area. Johanna reminded me to “eat fresh-caught fish and locally grown veggies!” I concur, and always try to patronize the local markets for the freshest foods to create delectable delights for the people I love!

Here are some other “healthy” restaurants recommended by locals:


David’s favorite is Organic Love in La Cruz, which has vegetarian and vegan drinks and food all made from scratch with fresh and organic local ingredients.  “Alec makes meals to my delight; wonderful sandwiches with her homemade breads,” he says.

Rita chose La Postal in Bucerias. “Everything is good. The pizza and pasta are delicious.”

Alissa and Joanna recommend getting your order in ahead of time if you like Vietnamese pho. N’Wok in Bucerias makes the soup and it always sells out. It’s best to message a day or two before to reserve a bowl, whether you want it to go or to eat in.

Jillian recommends La Cruz Inn for their many healthy options.

Many places, in fact, are healthy since much of the food in the area is grilled in the open air with fresh ingredients. For example, Tacos’s on the Street in La Cruz comes directly from the grill, piping hot with veggies, guacamole and homemade tortillas. One of my “go-to’s” is rotisserie chicken coated with spices and marinated in their own juices as it spins and cooks.

Food is the best medicine, in my humble opinion.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

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