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North Banderas Beat - February 24, 2024

Looking out to the bay I’m blessed with awesomeness of the wildlife: whales breaching, turtles bobbing along, bait fish creating art as they buzz about, pelicans diving to catch fish, flying rays and so much more.

pg21aIt reminds me to look around to find all forms of obvious natural art: sand and sea, driftwood, cool rocks, and beach glass.

If you look back toward land while walking the beach, you may notice a Spanish influence in the Riviera Nayarit, evident in beautiful domes and arches in the buildings. Blending the cultures of the indigenous tribes with the sophistication of opulent Spain has birthed the best of both worlds; both in architecture and cuisine.

I often see food as art. Moving to the Nayarit area allowed me to learn more recipes and I adore focusing on regional favorites.

Aguachile is a Mexican dish made of shrimp and raw fish, submerged in liquid seasoned with chile peppers, lime juice, salt, slices of cucumber and slices of red onion. This is usually picante, too hot for me!

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