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Letters To The Editor - August 18, 2018

Dear Sir,

In response to your article on page 1 in last week’s edition (Chapala traffic cops not targeting expats), I know from past experience that they indeed are.

Semov officers pulled me over and said my car was smoking (I got the emissions test done two weeks previously) and then they proceeded to tell me they were going to impound my vehicle, arrest me, charge me and put me in jail.  All they were looking for was a quick buck.

Some of the Mexican vehicles should not even be on the road, but they never get stopped.

Also, when they stop an expat, there are always two of them, so they can somewhat intimidate you.

This is just my opinion but six other expats have told me they have had the same experience. My vehicle is insured and with an up-to-date license sticker – everything in order. I don’t even speed (not that you could on the roads around here).

Pedro Neddo