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Letters To The Editor - September 15, 2018

Dear Sir,

I arrived at the Guadalajara airport at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 28. We exited the plane by stairs to a waiting bus. The bus ceiling was black with mosquitoes. 

We were trying to fill out customs forms and swat mosquitoes at the same time. Once inside the terminal, we continued to fill out forms and swat more mosquitoes at the desk with the chained pens. We were savaged! 

At baggage claim there were no signs warning of zika or chikungunya.

The next day, I bought of copy of the August 24 Guadalajara Reporter that said the mosquito problem at the airport had been cleared up. No it hasn’t!  Scratch, scratch.

Kathy Kinney   

The editor responds: To be fair, our story on August 24 quoted Jalisco’s tourism chief stating that the mosquito problem in the city airport had seen a marginal 15-percent improvement, not that it had been resolved.  In addition, the story mentioned other sources who complained that authorities were not taking the necessary measures to fix the issue.  Also, Jalisco Health Secretary Alfonso Petersen has said on several occasions that the mosquitos in the airport are not carriers of dengue, zika or chikungunya.