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Letters To The Editor - March 09, 2019

Dear Sir,

While new monitoring systems and penalties may help the response to noise offenses in Jalisco, the only lasting solution to the never-ending noise problem in Mexico is to require that all entertainment venues – as well as gyms or any other place that uses amplified sound – are completely enclosed and soundproofed the same way they are in the United States.

The architecture of Mexico is lovely but completely incompatible with amplified sound, which resonates through the surrounding area due to its very high echo component.

As someone who has endured over eight “noise years” in my neighborhood, as well as having almost 20 years of professional experience using amplified sound, I can say I have heard countless clueless “sound checks” here in Mexico.  Clearly, most do not know what they are doing.  Operating sound equipment is a job skill.  Sound equipment is not a toy.

Continuous loud noise has been used as an instrument of torture by the U.S. military in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. A couple of days of constant noise results in a complete nervous breakdown of the victim.  Even in small doses, loud noise can be extremely stressful for people who are held hostage in their homes near the source of the noise.  I have experienced noise blasted into my house that was so loud it is literally like being assaulted.

Volume levels need to be determined by the size of the audience present.  The sound should not escape the venue.  There is no reason for musicians or DJs to play music loud enough for tens of thousands of people in local bars! And fiesta bandas should simply turn down the sound level when they play in a small town.  Even local banda lovers need to get their sleep, to get up and go to work or school.

If bar owners and others think it costs too much to upgrade their venues by enclosing and soundproofing, then they should get into a line of work they actually understand.  Stop making other people suffer!

See the Facebook page of the Cruzadacontraelruido with 34,000 likes for more information.

Michelle Wilson, Ajijic

Dear Sir,

Whether you are the governor, mayor or chief of police, you are judged based on your performance.  Results are what count.

This newspaper has written several articles about the (not so new) Movilidad Chapala. For a department that was created specifically to address parking issues in Chapala, the results are lacking.

Chapala Movilidad is attempting to bring some rule of law to a culture that totally resents and ignores any rule of law. So, unless you attach significant penalties/fines to the citations, the out of control parking and double parking issues in Chapala will continue.

R. Graham

Dear Sir,

I am eagerly awaiting to find out whether the new traffic regulations (in Chapala) will be mostly ignored – like so many Mexican laws and regulations – or actually be enforced, which may lead to an increase in mordidas.

No more motorbikes with four people on board and no helmets? No more adults and kids riding in the back of pickups or the back of station wagons with the rear door up? No more 20- to 30-year-old cars and trucks spewing smoke? No more audio systems at full blast while cruising along? For sure, the traffic agents are going to be awfully busy in the next few months, but will it last?

The French writer André Breton, founder of the surrealism movement in art, said when he visited Mexico in 1938 that it was the most surrealistic country. These new traffic regulations confirm his opinion, don’t they? Maybe that’s why we expats love Mexico.

Incidentally, I urge anybody with some knowledge of Spanish to read the Spanish version, as the English translation can be quite opaque at times.

Jean-Claude Tatinclaux

Dear Sir,

This letter is in reference to the “dust up” at the coffee shop and the letters dealing with intolerance.

Although I find the political discourse in the United States to be anything but tolerant, there is another aspect to this issue and that is of civility.

I do not know the owner of the coffee shop, but I do know that he didn’t need to mislead his employees. The vast majority of Mexican people find Trump’s rhetoric both offensive and racist. If you do not believe this you are being delusional.  Remember that, as residents of Mexico, we are guests here.  As guests it behooves us not to be rude.  No matter how strong your political opinions may be, there needs to be consideration of the sensibilities of others.

As far as liberals being boorish, many conservatives are aghast at the criminality of the current administration; at least those not running for office.  If you doubt this read the statements Paul Ryan made before leaving office, or the tweets of George Conway, a lifelong conservative Republican.

The demographics of the Lake Chapala area are such that I find the statements about there being many more conservative residents than acknowledged entirely credible. But being economically superior does not confer the right to be insensitive.

Given the incredibly divisive nature of the current administration, I found the use of the quote by Robert Kennedy to be comically inappropriate.  If you believe that this president is a dangerous, narcissistic sociopath, as I do, the more appropo quote would be of Edmund Burke, the great conservative thinker: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Daniel E. Herzer,


Dear Sir,  

After reading your letters in the last two weeks, I went to the Chapala police and got their version of the facts about the “dust-up” between Americans on the malecon.  They acknowledged that a Trump supporter threw a cup of coffee into the face of the demonstrating person. They told me he is not a crazy person, nor dangerous, but an American patriot, not unlike the group of brave Americans who founded our country.

Make no mistake, we have a tyrant in the White House at this time, whom the GOP illegally support.

Most of us living down here love the people of Mexico and this country.  We are not the ones disparaging and calling Mexicans dirty names, and kidnapping their children at the border.  This is a crime of unbelievable proportion that will be soon corrected.

The bald man in the photo (in last week’s edition) is only protesting, as did our patriots in the past. He is a true patriot.

Howard Meikle