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Letters To The Editor - March 23, 2019

Dear Sir,

The Citizens Committee for Recycling in Ajijic is still much in need of help from the community. 

We need assistance in several ways.  To facilitate recycling collection, we are installing large blue containers at strategic locations around town so residents do not have to leave recyclables on the street.  Since the red truck is not 100-percent reliable, and the routes have been changed several times, leaving items in the street is not the best way to get them to us.

Below the highway, we pick up on Mondays from Calle Revolucion to Colon (Morelos), on Wednesdays from that point west to Flores Magon and on Fridays everything west of Flores Magon.  On Thursdays we tackle the areas above the highway. 

We need more containers. At present we have 17 installed, all donated by private citizens, local organizations and/or businesses.   The cost is 2,000 pesos for a container and a “steel fork” placed alongside to hold folded cardboard. Your name or organization’s name can be placed on the container as a donor. 

We are about to hire our first worker from the proceeds of sales of cardboard but we also need volunteers for sorting the collected materials. 

Finally, we could use help getting the materials to buyers in Guadalajara until we have enough funds to purchase our own truck. If anyone knows of a company that sends an empty truck to Guadalajara for materials and/or merchandise, which could carry a load of plastics to sell, we would appreciate the help (we could pay the gas if need be). 

We are determined to keep this program independent of the municipal government, allowing it to outlive any changes in politics that may occur.  I encourage the people of Ajijic who care about the environment to pitch in however they can. Send us your gardener once a week to sort, sponsor a worker (200 pesos a day) or become a voice for your neighborhood, helping us disseminate information on recycling.  Or simply pitch in with a donation to get the program up and running.  Your money and that collected from the sale of materials will not go into government coffers – we decide how it is spent. 

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through Barbara’s Bazaar.

Thomas R. Thompson, president, Citizens Recycle Committee of Ajijic