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Letters To The Editor - April 12, 2019

Dear Sir,

Certainly persuasive arguments can be used in favor of ending the twice-yearly time changes.  But why not leave the clock on summer time? 

That would maintain our longer hours of late afternoon and evening light encouraging healthy outdoor recreation while maintaining the longer cool hours in the morning.

Michelle Wilson

Dear Sir,

We are encouraging the expat community to join in and “Help Chapala” with their skills, time and money.

A team of expats is working with Hector España and Dr. Todd Stong on many projects in Chapala and outlying pueblos that will greatly benefit from your involvement.

España is working with the current municipal administration as an ambassador to the expats and helping both communities. One of his top priorities is renovating the benches on the Chapala malecon, where so many Mexican families spend their weekends.  We need your donations to complete this project. The labor is already in place.

Meanwhile, Stong has a list of over 40 small business ideas that would directly benefit the people living in the small pueblos around the lake. 

Stong has done amazing projects during his 16 years in Chapala. Although he is slowing down now at 80 years old, he says he is not done helping the people of Mexico.

We have set up a new Mexican Paypal account,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., where community members can easily donate funds. Whatever you can afford will go to good use. We are also working on drop off locations for cash donations.

We also need IT people, organizers and people who can run fundraisers, evaluate ideas and generate interest. Anyone interested in helping can leave us their contact information and areas of expertise or interest, and we will be in touch.

We will work together to implement the best ideas and need your input!

Here is a list of possible projects under discussion:

1. Micro Pharmacies in pueblos that have no access to medical attention at night. Cost US$300 to US$500 per pueblo for each pharmacy.

2. Renovate the benches on Chapala malecon and in Cristiania Park

3. Have Cristiania Park designated as an official bird refuge.

4. Develop signage for all the bird species in Cristiania Park

5. Develop computer centers for learning in outlying pueblos

6. Create a micro business raising rabbits.

We worked all of our lives and now we have the skills, time and money to make a difference in other people’s lives. We all need a sense of purpose and together we can help others who really need a hand.

Christian Robertson, Cobra Kruger, Sandra Hernandez, Tyler Buhl, Chris Loeks

Dear Sir,

Undoubtedly the most high-end artistic event at Lakeside, the 17-year-old Northern Lights Festival de Febrero has become a destination travel event.  This could never have been accomplished without the support of the local community.  Each year, restaurants and companies donate to the silent auction, while residents volunteer for various jobs, from driving musicians back and forth to billeting young music students in their homes.

In addition, a special group of enthusiastic volunteers makes sure everything runs smoothly at each event.  They arrive early to prepare venues, create and serve delicious refreshments and ensure that patrons have a positive experience from beginning to end. All is carried out with a unity of purpose and with a sense of humor. These volunteers have developed a sense of pride in their efforts to make the concerts so successful. They should be proud.

Thank you to all those who make the Festival de Febrero such a success. We look forward to working with you again next year.

The Northern Lights Music Festival Committee