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Letter To The Editor - April 02, 2022

Dear Sir,

I read with great interest  your report on the Chapala mayor’s outreach program “Miercoles Contigo.”

I note that he plans to extend his Wednesday outreach to satellite districts, including Ajijic. I wonder why, after three visits to the municipal office, a letter of invitation for a walk around the streets of Ajijic ,and a packet of explanatory photos, neither he nor his assistant were able to attend the meeting scheduled by his office for March 25, albeit on very short notice!

If the meeting was canceled or postponed, no one saw fit to inform me, the organizer. I consider this the least they could have done to show respect to an 89-year-old Ajijic resident.

I understand that Chapala’s problems are foremost in his list of priorities, but the mayor also has a responsibility to pay some attention to Ajijic’s needs, especially when they have the audacity to call it a Magic Village.

He is most welcome to come and discover the magic for himself, hopefully before I go to meet my maker!

Joyce Noriega, Ajijic