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Letter To The Editor - May 20, 2023

Dear Sir,

In relation to the note published on the front page of your prestigious newspaper in the edition of May 6 entitled “Sewage leak at Ajijic Pier,” I respectfully request the right of reply that the law confers me to make some clarifications in this regard.

First of all, I would like to state that since 1990 the restaurant has been connected to the sewage collector on the street in front of the pier and is not the source of sewage spilled onto the beach. But because we are in the lowest part of town and the state authority does not periodically clear the sewage collector, the sewage from town tends to come out somewhere until it reaches the restaurant drainage. Remember that for many years there were elevated manholes (cones) two meters in height along the street, which served to prevent spills.

2. Of course, we know that a few neighbors are bothered by the restaurant (with some hidden interests). However, I ask them, what did you do to rescue the pier when it was being destroyed in the 1980s?  I inform you that El Barrio de Quilmes is not the only restaurant located in the federal zone. There are restaurants in Chapala’s Acapulquito zone (Don Juan, El Guayabo, Guicho), in Piedra Barrenada (El Carnal, La Iguana de Piedra, El Bambú, etc.) and many more all over the country.

3.  I also remind you that with the remodeling work of Calle Morelos executed by Chapala City Hall, the old asbestos drains were changed for PVC ones, and involuntarily some sewage was spilled which did not affect the environment.

4. El Barrio de Quilmes is the most sustainable restaurant in the Ribera. We take great care of the waste and grease, and soon we will start a program of “Clean your Beach” in order to take care of the environment. Garbage cans will be installed along the pier and the park itself, as well as the installation of solar panels.

I hope this clarifies the situation and hopefully the tourist infrastructure that the Magic Town of Ajijic needs so much continues to be created. I take this opportunity to send you an affectionate greeting.

Héctor Fabio Rizzo Jasso, proprietor, Morelos #22 Ajijic