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Letter To The Editor - July 15, 2023

Dear Sir,

I used an ATM in Ajijic and got no cash. And things went downhill fast.

On May 11, I used a CI Banco ATM in Ajijic to withdraw 10,500 pesos from my USAA checking account with a debit card. The requested receipt slid out showing a 10,500-peso withdrawal. But no cash appeared.

CI Banco brushed me off, saying to report the incident to my bank.

I reported the matter to USAA. A USAA dispute resolution team received from CI Banco what it called documentation that 10,500 pesos was received.

USAA showed me CI Banco’s “documentation” upon which USAA based its decision in favor of CI Banco. I couldn’t make any sense of it. I saw nothing that had anything to do with my complaint, no numbers corresponding to the withdrawal receipt, etc. Nevertheless, USAA deducted $US607.79 from my USAA checking account, apparently reimbursing CI Banco.

In deciding in favor of CI Banco, USAA, in effect, found  it plausible that the ATM that day issued 10,500 pesos, that I got it, and am now claiming I didn’t in order to get it again. It’s ludicrous.

I am 91 years old. I have no history of robbing banks. In fact, it is devastating to lose the 10,500 pesos that I expected to use to cover my growing medical bills along with basic monthly expenses.

Clearly, USAA failed in its responsibility to me, as I told them in subsequent communications, written and verbal. 

Which so far got me nowhere.

ATM no-cash incidents happen; however the ones I’ve heard about have been resolved to the ATM users satisfaction. Nevertheless, ATM users are at risk with certain banks with malfunctioning ATMs.

What will become of my efforts to regain the $US607.79 I lost to a bank with a malfunctioning ATM? Not even the shadow knows.

Thetis Reeves