Last updateFri, 18 Jun 2021 4pm

Starbucks swapped for ‘Mexican market’ eatery in popular city restaurant zone

It’s not often that a Starbucks closes its doors to make way for a more traditionally-focused cafe. But that’s exactly what has happened on Avenida Guadalupe in Colonia Chapalita.

pg7The Starbucks outlet located alongside the Santa Rita church was one of the first the humongous U.S. chain opened in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. There are now dozens. Located in the busy restaurant zone a few blocks from the Glorieta Chapalita, the cafe thrived for many years. But times change, and rather than undergoing expensive updating, the cafe has been transformed by another franchise into the Mercado La Flor de Cordoba. (This new branch should not be confused with the smaller Flor de Cordoba outlet situated on the same avenue, right on the Glorieta Chapalita.)


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