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The Scallion dining experience – just follow the crowds

Scallion Ajijic Bistro has become Social Centro at Lakeside.

pg10Its marvels are many. Parking. Popularity. Service. Menu diversity. Gourmet-quality offerings. Music and dancing. A throwback to what the in-people used to call “dinner clubs.” An evening dinner there is designed for celebrating and having fun.

If you’re not up to bold dance music, and wish a quiet table conversation, maybe a luncheon visit is best. Luncheons are laid back with a trove of selections, good prices, service, and a free and easy atmosphere.

So, if you’re hungry for a channel out of the misery of self-sheltering where you’ll find good friends and catch-up chats that can be either indoors and private or outdoors and breezy, follow the crowd to Scallion. The venue, with a New York, five-star DNA, has its own personality, and by popular preference it is the new protocol-savvy haven from Lakeside’s forced incarceration. The energetic retinue for service remains sharp, ready, on-watch but seldom an interruption.

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