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Beto’s Shack in Ajijic brings Mississippi to mind

Have you ever wanted to say, “Hey, I knew that guy when he was just starting out?” Well, here is your opportunity.

pg12aAlberto “Beto” Antonio Macías Díaz is going places and he has the food truck to prove it. He has established himself as “Beto’s Shack” on the corner lot at the western end of Calle Zaragoza, between Calle Obregón and Calle Francisco Villa, in Ajijic.

His food truck kitchen sits behind the legitimate and formidable shack. It reminds me of the roadside venues in Northern Mississippi. Tin roof, check! Gravel floor, check! An assortment of taxidermy, check! Kitschy tin advertising signs, check! He has nailed the atmosphere all the way down to the cheery plaid tablecloths.

I took a friend and we tasted quite a bit of the menu. We started with the wings. He offers Buffalo and barbecue and we opted for the barbecue. The wings were tangy, had a tiny peppery kick to them and were properly crispy while juicy inside, which is important. The wings were sauced with finger-licking stickiness and served with a creamy ranch dressing.

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