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Never dined as a royal? Try Emanuel’s Kitchen

Fine dining satisfactions come in many creative and exotic presentations.

pg13aTheir appeal is always in the innovation and surprise around taste sensations, recipe design, presentation—and a trust in the delivery of a “best in dining” experience.

And, naturally, satisfaction for each of us is different. For some, it is simply having someone else prepare an unforgettable dinner. For others, it must include comfortable chairs and a visually interesting environment with staff that make you feel royal.

So the challenges that must be met to create a gustatory sensation that meets everyone’s expectations are many.

Emanuel’s Kitchen is well-nigh as perfect as I’ve come to such an experience here at Lakeside. Their mission is all about the creative and innovative in a gourmet evening out. The environment is elegant, the live music was filled with unimposing standards and favorites that soothed rather than commanded a stage. And blessedly there was no dancing.

And of course, above all, there was the magic of the plate servings, smallish in size but not gratification. Each cuisine was cast in exquisite and uncommon detail, prompting thoughts of wishing and even asking for more.

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