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Celebrating the New Year in style in the city of roses

Don’t you love the idea of being in large festive places on New Year’s Eve, with lots of people reveling, music that might make conversation challenging, a promotional prix fixe menu with a bottle of indifferent prosecco included, and being surrounded by inebriated strangers laying sloppy kisses on one another at midnight while a pandemic lurches into what will soon be its fourth year?

Neither do I.

pg6aHaving established that the above is not necessarily the best of all possible ways to spend the last night of 2022 and the first minutes of 2023, some people understandably still do not want to spend the final hours of December 31 at home staring at a screen waiting for a ball to drop, eating one’s own cooking or takeout, and feeling alone.

If you choose to go out it is understood that you are going to spend more than usual, perhaps a lot. It is almost impossible to find a restaurant open without a promotional menu so I am not going to attempt it here. If you are going to go out on New Year’s Eve, get dressed up for heaven’s sake, and go somewhere NICE. You have 364 other days of the year to eat tacos or burgers in shorts and sneakers.

Make an effort for the rest of us, and for yourself too (everyone over 40 looks better dressed up. I’m talking to YOU.)

Here is a select number of establishments where Yours Truly would consider dining on New Year’s Eve in the City of Roses.

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