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Home insurance offered with property tax payment in Guadalajara & Zapopan

To encourage early payment of 2022 predial (property tax), Guadalajara City Hall is offering free home insurance for the first 150,000 homeowners who settle their accounts. 

The insurance will cover fire and structural damage up to 20,000 pesos, and robbery with violence up to 15,000 pesos.   Guadalajara municipal authorities offer a discount of 10 percent to all predial payments made prior to February 28. Homeowners  from age 60 to 74 may obtain an additional 50-percent discount (with INAPAM card), while 75 to 79 year-olds get 60 percent off their bill, and over 80s, 80 percent.

Municipal authorities in Zapopan are also offering insurance along with predial payment for household damages caused by fire, lightning, explosions, broken pipes, electric surges and other hydrometeorological phenomena, at a cost of 180 pesos for the year. The discount for payment in the first two months of the year in Zapopan is 15 percent.  Seniors can obtain the same discounts as for Guadalajara.

Both Guadalajara and Zapopan offer online payment of predial, at pagosapp.guadalajara.gob.mx and zapopan.gob.mx/v3/predial, respectively.  Payments may also be made at municipal recaudadoras (tax collection offices), banks, supermarkets, and many convenience stories, including Oxxo, in addition to municipal ATMs located in malls and other locations.

Both websites listed above provide full details about how and where to pay the annual property tax.

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