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Outcry at plans for neo-Nazi concert

Guadalajara authorities stepped in to ban a concert in the city that was reportedly to be given by Der Stürmer, a neo-Nazi metal band from Athens, Greece.

pg5bA furore broke out last week after an announcement surfaced on social media about the upcoming Der Stürmer concert, scheduled for Friday, January 14 at an undisclosed location in the city.

This provoked angry reactions from various civil society organizations, including the Jewish Community of Mexico, which condemned “the intention of holding a ‘party’ in Guadalajara with clear messages of hate and racism.”

In a press release, the Coordinadora Antifascista Guadalajara said the concert was to be held for an exclusive audience of 100 people in order to “encourage neo-Nazi activities in our city in the context of the actual growth of the extreme righting of Mexico.” The group said “this obliges us to take immediate action.”

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