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Young killer’s social media posts revealed

A 20-year-old charged with the stabbing deaths of three women in Guadalajara last week—two of them employees at a local university campus—appears to have announced his killing spree on social media shortly before setting out from his home.

State police detained Gabriel Alejandro “G” at the Universidad Tecnologico de Guadalajara (UTEG) campus on March 6 after he fatally stabbed the two office workers and injured another person.  Hours earlier he was caught on surveillance video leaving a motel where a young woman was found in a room stabbed to death.

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“Today is the day,” the young man had posted on social media shortly before the murders.

Gabriel Alejandro “G” also uploaded a selfie taken in front of a mirror, wearing the same black t-shirt he had on when arrested, along with gloves, a skull mask and the axe that police officers also found in his possession.

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According to reports, this image was uploaded in the bathroom of the motel where the young woman, identified by authorities only as Abigail, was slain.

The posts almost exactly mirror that of Taucci Monteiro, who shot to death eight people and injured dozens at a school in Suzano, Brazil in March 2019. Monteiro and a fellow perpetrator, who both committed suicide, were apparently inspired by the Columbine High School massacre in April 1999.

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