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The Clintons visit San Miguel as storm brews in US

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has been photographed visiting San Miguel de Allende exactly at the time his name popped up in connection with a major news story in the United States.

pg6bCourt documents related to the late convicted sex felon Jeffrey Epstein unsealed on January 4 include Clinton’s name, as well as that of Donald Trump.While the revelation does not imply any illegality on the part of the former presidents, U.S. news organizations have been all over the story.

Clinton has been photographed on Epstein’s airplane, and in court documents one of his accusers said she once met the former president on Epstein’s private Caribbean island. Clinton has denied ever being on this island, where various sex abuses involving minors were allegedly carried out. Trump’s relationship with Epstein goes back several decades, and in 2002 the former president described him as “a great guy.”

This week, Bill and Hilary Clinton were spotted and photographed walking on the streets of San Miguel, with images of them smiling and greeting locals posted on social media. The Clintons appeared at ease, buying coffee and enjoying the sights, locals said.

On his social networks, San Miguel de Allende Mayor Mauricio Trejo expressed his pride that these “distinguished visitors” had come to Mexico’s “most magical town to enjoy its unique beauty and the kindness of its people.”






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