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San Antonio Museum waits for certification

The Museo Comunitario de San Antonio Tlayacapan, a project launched in 2017 by the local non-profit group, Acalli, A.C., has been prevented by the pandemic from receiving a visit from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

pg11bThis is necessary for a museum certification by the federal government. The INAH must study various pieces now housed in the facility and create descriptive cards for each one.

According to Maria Victoria Corona Vega, who is in charge of the museum, Universidad de Guadalajara (UdG) anthropologists have identified one of the pieces as a tortoise fossil dating back about 10,000 years. Other items date to 1,400 B.C.

Another special exhibit is a pair of corn cobs, rescued from a tiro de tumba (ancient grave site). Its seeds date back 500 years. Seeds from the corn were successfully cultivated in collaboration with the UdG in Irapuato.

The museum does not have operating hours, but is open occasionally. The museum does accept donations. Contact Vicky Corona at 331-23-3440.




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