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Stalwart environmental center tailors recycling program

Casa Cem, a fixture on Guadalajara’s Avenida Chapultepec since 2009 and founded two years earlier by a determined individual, Sofia Chavez, in Colonia Seattle, has re-launched its centro de acopio, which accepts a wide range of recyclable materials, after closing it for many months in response to the Covid pandemic.

pg5The center, wedged into the former garage of a large house close to passing traffic, is continually adapting its efforts not only to the pandemic, but to the educational mission of the organization, which occupies the full, three-level house, receives support from governments at various levels and even attracts volunteers from Europe and other countries.

A principal change since Covid is scheduling appointments for people bringing waste to recycle on one of the center’s three open days (up from two days pre-Covid), which are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 9:30/10 a.m. to just before 2 p.m. Appointments are easily made at 333-615-4499 or 333-615-4486, or with the staffer during a recycling appointment (for a following day or week). Appointments last 20 minutes.

Other changes are a mixture of good news and bad, with the principal downer being the end of Casa Cem’s acceptance of electric appliances and electronic devices, including computers, keyboards, screens, phones, etcetera.

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