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New traffic scheme confounds local motorists

As if the navigating the intersection of the Chapala-Jocotepec highway and the Libramiento bypass wasn’t already a challenge for astute motorists, local transit authorities have just cooked up a new plan that many folks promptly labeled as an unmitigated clusterf--k.

pg9a 1A rather confusing diagram posted on the Gobierno de Chapala Facebook site shows arrows pointing in multiple directions as guides for drivers. One can see that there is now one-way entry from the Libramiento straight into the Walmart parking lot and two-way entry and exit points for eastbound traffic a short way to the west of that. An arrow from the east side of Walmart directs vehicles to the turn lane for heading back to the Libramiento or towards Chapala.

The explanatory legend indicates that the left-hand turn signal at the end of the lateral road running off the Libramiento has been eliminated and that a new one has been installed so that westbound motorists can turn into Walmart by deviating across oncoming traffic into a left hand turn lane, presumably without getting creamed in the process.

The map doesn’t show how drivers heading towards Ajijic are supposed to get through the crossroads.

For the time being, traffic officers are usually on duty at peak hours to guide motorists through the tangle. They are only helpful to those whose visual capacity allows them view of the full span of the busy roadway exchange.

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