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Mexicans and people worldwide on the move for Covid shots

In what may be a reversal of fortune for at least some sectors of the Covid-crippled travel industry, vaccine tourism is burgeoning, taking different forms depending on whether a locale has vaccines to offer, the severity of the economic hits it has taken and the demand for vaccines.

pg1dThe offers range from vaccine travel packages for Mexicans to hearty invitations from the governments of Alaska, Cuba and Russia.

A spokesman for Mexico’s professional association of travel agencies, AMAV, asserted in late April that travel from Mexico northward has grown 70 percent in the last two months compared to 2020, and suggested the growth is due to Mexicans taking advantage of the availability of Covid vaccines in the United States.

He also pointed out that 50 Mexican businesses have been putting together comprehensive vaccination packages to places without vaccine restrictions, such as Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Tennessee and Texas. These can include everything from registration for shots to airport transport and hotel accommodations. According to the report, about 120 million people have already paid about 20,000 pesos ($US1,000) per package.

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