Last updateFri, 18 Jun 2021 4pm

Businesses face human capital risk due to Covid, advisory firm says

New practices such as working from home, plus the anxiety caused by changes in routine and loss of income during the pandemic, have altered the dynamics of many businesses in Mexico, leading to higher human capital risk, according to analysis by human capital advisory firm QIBO.

“Before, staff could be evaluated in person and certain behaviors and/or attitudes that marked the relationship at work could be detected,” notes QIBO. “Today, remote work does not allow you to have a clear control of your emotions, situations and, above all, a commitment to the company you work for.”

The stress caused by loss of income, and other inconveniences dictated by the pandemic, have placed greater pressure on heads of families concerned with maintaining their lifestyles, while meeting rents or mortgages, children’s tuition payments, and other obligations.

Company bosses should be aware that people’s experiences during the last year have changed everything, said Alejandro Escalante, QIBO’s director of operations. “Even if you have kept your workforce since the pandemic began, you should know that they are not the same people as before. They live in circumstances that have made them question or even do things that they would not have even thought of before, and that can affect the way they relate with their company.”

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