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President downplays ‘cuesta de enero’

Yet again, Mexicans will be hit by turn of the year price increases, with some hikes kicking in prior to the Christmas holidays.

Recent price increases have seen price rises to sodas (refrescos), Bimbo bread and cigarettes and beer among other products. Coca Cola brand soft drinks have gone up by one to three pesos, while a pack of Marlboro cigarettes is now 75 pesos, up from 70 pesos. Bimbo products are costing between one and four pesos more in all their presentations, with a large loaf of white bread going up from 42 to 45, pesos and a small one from 32 to 36 pesos.

Despite these price hikes (and others potentially on he horizon), President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is confident that Mexicans will not suffer the traditional “cuesta de enero”—the name given to price increases that occur at the beginning of each year that affect the purchasing power of consumers.

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